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As a seasoned Leadership Strategist & Coach, I partner with you to unlock potential and drive sustainable growth through strategic transformation.

Your success is my mission.

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Your Pathway to Success Begins Here

Yanina Scodeller Leadership Strategist & Coach
Yanina Scodeller - Business Solutions

With an 18-year track record in leading and transforming teams and businesses, I offer strategic insights that elevate both organizations and individual professionals. My expertise lies in not just understanding but actively reshaping the dynamics of leadership and growth to meet the ambitions of my clients. Through personalized strategies, we'll unlock the full spectrum of your potential for sustainable, impactful success.

How can I elevate your success?

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Robin van Dalen

Co-founder & Co-CEO

Inuka Coaching 

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“Yanina has been instrumental in strenghtening Inuka's internal organisation around our workshops design and offering, and also enhancing our workshop offerings. She focused particularly on leadership development and coaching techniques that foster employee resilience and growth.
Her profound leadership insights and strategic approach allowed us to not only refine our content strategy but also strengthen our internal organization for delivering these initiatives effectively.
Yanina's hands-on support and flexible collaboration have been pivotal in ensuring the smooth execution of our programs and the satisfaction of our clients.
Her expertise in coaching leaders is evident in the substantial impact she has made on our team’s ability to promote wellbeing and sustainable growth within the organizations we serve. And - she's just great to work with, I've exprienced that myself but I also hear it from everyone she worked with!”
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