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My journey from corporate security to bold entrepreneurship

Updated: Apr 19

From corporate comfort to entrepreneurial courage

Last week, at a bi-weekly gathering with fellow entrepreneurs who inspire and hold each other accountable, I reflected on my bold shift from a secure directorial role to the exhilarating world of self-employment.

Despite the daunting challenges, clients like Inuka Coaching (B Corp), led by the amazing CEOs Robin van Dalen and Anoushka Bold (she/her), fuel my passion and drive.

This year, I transitioned my side hustle into a full-time venture, fueling a reflection on my foundational motivations:

From dreaming to doing: In Argentina, my youthful aspiration was a 'good job'—where I could actualize my potential and contribute meaningfully. At NETAFIM ARGENTINA S.A., my managers, Laura Volberg and Claudia A. Romero, became my pillars, supporting me through significant life changes, enriching my professional and personal growth.

Cultural foundations and conscious business: At Axialent , receiving "Conscious Business" by Fred Kofman during onboarding crystallized my understanding of the integral alignment between human values and business success.

Strategic growth and volume management: Prologis taught me the essence of managing large-scale operations through strategic, automated processes, guided by my insightful manager, Jocelyn Wagner .

Strategic insights and viewing business from above: At ICL Group, finding my place felt like coming home. Here, under the mentorship of Darren King , my manager who exemplified great leadership, I gained a bird's-eye view of the business. He guided me through the complexities of working closely with the leadership team, enhancing my understanding of high-level strategy and execution. Darren's mentorship was instrumental in broadening my managerial perspective, preparing me for larger roles.

Leadership Development at Morningstar Sustainalytics: Inspired by Amber Turvey and Heather Lang Sustainalytics shaped my vision of the type of leader I aspire to be, greatly influenced by Amber and Heather's leadership style. From Amber, I learned the importance of clear, actionable feedback and the power of strategic foresight. Her approach not only refined my strategic skills but also inspired my personal leadership philosophy, emphasizing empathy and effective communication.

Making an impact with South Pole: Here, I was introduced to the impactful niche of carbon credits, thanks to the supportive Chantelle Grobler, and a team driven by a commitment to sustainability.

So, why am I here? These experiences have inspired me to establish a company rooted in my values. Committed to leadership development and sustainable growth, I focus on change management and enhancing corporate culture. My approach combines psychological insight with strategic and financial acumen to empower leadership teams, fostering environments where every employee feels proud and productive. This entrepreneurial journey is about humanizing business by connecting workforce core values with their roles, significantly boosting profitability and productivity.

My Mission: With my entrepreneurship, I aim to build thriving teams and promote sustainable growth, ensuring every employee enjoys their journey and feels integral to their company's success.

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