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Finding happiness beyond comfort

Updated: Apr 3

The Power of Conscious Choices

I once stumbled upon a dialogue that struck a chord with me:

"What do you take to be happy?"

This resonated deeply, but I'd like to add a layer to it: "CONSCIOUS decisions".

We make decisions all the time, even without thinking. Not solving a problem or avoiding an issue is also a decision. Not acting is a choice. Do you see what I mean?

This is why I believe true happiness comes from making conscious decisions to better our lives and positively affect others around us.

How to Find happiness beyond comfort

Finding happiness beyond comfort means that every choice has a trade-off. To be healthy, you might eat less junk food, exercise more, or cook healthier meals. To grow in your job, you might need to learn new things. But if you do nothing, you're choosing to stay the same.

Becoming aware of our choices is the first step. It's okay to choose comfort over growth if that’s what you really want. Being aware lets you be happy with your decisions. But getting to this understanding can be uncomfortable. We might think we want something because it looks good or others expect it from us. Really understanding what we want might mean having tough conversations with ourselves.

Happy individuals embrace this paradox. They know growth and happiness come from making conscious choices, even when it means letting go of something else. But they also learn to enjoy this journey, understanding that goals shift and dreams evolve.

Now, think about a time when you felt truly alive. Was it an effortless activity, or was it something that challenged you?

For me, it was climbing a mountain in Argentina. Despite the physical challenge, the experience was exhilarating.

So, if you're feeling stuck or waiting for motivation, remember: conscious decisions can lead you to happiness. It's about making those choices with clarity and purpose.

If you're looking to find your path and make conscious decisions that align with your true desires, let's have a conversation. Together, we can navigate the journey toward happiness and fulfillment.

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