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Change Your Career: Transform Your Professional Journey with Expert Guidance

Updated: Jan 25

Are you contemplating a change in your current profession or considering a shift in your working environment or industry? Do you relate to any of the scenarios below?

Scenario 1: Rediscovering Excitement

You're feeling that your current job is not as exciting as it used to be, and you yearn for a more fulfilling and challenging professional experience.

Once upon a time, you chose a professional path that brought you joy and success, providing a comfortable life. However, you might find yourself either tired of something you once loved or seeking an additional challenge that your current job isn't offering. Perhaps you've hit a ceiling, or you yearn for a greater mission alongside your current role.

I can completely relate. In the past, I had my dream job as a Project Manager, thriving in day-to-day activities and enjoying my colleagues and projects. Yet, I wished for my job to contribute to a broader global purpose, like leveraging my skillsets in the sustainability industry. However, finding a well-paid job in this domain posed a challenge. I had to navigate the complexities of the job market to find a role that aligned with my purpose while maintaining my current lifestyle.

In the end, it all worked out even better than expected, landing my next dream job as Change and Strategy Manager in the Sustainability Industry and even growing my compensation!

Many of my clients also realized they no longer enjoyed the work they once loved. Transitioning to a new profession seemed daunting, especially when aiming for a role with similar pay conditions to maintain their current lifestyle. But they also managed to reinvent themselves and realized there was nothing to fear from apart from success!

Before working with Yanina, my job felt stale, and I longed for something more fulfilling and challenging. Through her coaching, I not only discovered new career possibilities but also landed my dream role in the healthcare industry. Now, I not only enjoy my work but also have a broader impact, and my compensation has even grown. It's been a game-changer! - Piotr

Scenario 2: Questioning Choices

You're questioning the choices you've made in your career and realizing that they no longer contribute to your overall happiness and professional satisfaction.

Your professional life has been a rollercoaster, with moments of doubt about your decisions. Maybe your career didn't turn out as expected, or you chose a well-paid path that provides security but lacks fulfillment in your day-to-day work.

Despite reservations, you've stuck with it, creating your own specialization and lifestyle around that career. Now, you're wondering how to escape a job you dislike without impacting other areas of your life.

There was a time in my career I was in this situation; I had recently moved to Amsterdam and needed a stable, well-paid job, rather than pursuing my dreams. With time, I bought my house and established myself in the country, but I wasn't happy with the type of work I did as an accountant.

This was when I first discovered the power of coaching, it helped me identify how I could use my past experience and transferable skills to transition into a role in a totally new profession, in Project Management. With this change, I received a 30% increase in my salary plus a job I really enjoyed!

Scenario 3: Seeking Improvement in Work Conditions

You enjoy your work, but you're seeking ways to improve your work conditions, either in terms of compensation or achieving a better work-life balance.

You pursued your dream career and love what you do, but it's either not well-paid or the schedule hinders your work-life balance. You're struggling to figure out the next steps to secure the favorable conditions others enjoy (like a 9-5 job or a good salary with great benefits).

Many of my clients who come from non-corporate environments had this dilemma; they knew they needed a change and wanted better job conditions, but they couldn't quite figure out how to move to a corporate job. LinkedIn postings had fancy role titles and special skills needed.

They didn't know that actually, those roles would suit their profile very well! They thought they would have to do long trainings or start a new career at school. While you can totally do this, the long way is not the only way; there are other things you can do to advance this faster and test the waters before settling into a totally new profession. Once they could identify how their experience and knowledge would align with many corporate roles, they could make the leap.

I used to think getting a corporate job would take forever because I didn't have much qualified experience or skills, or so I believed. But thanks to Yanina's coaching, I found out I had plenty of great qualities to put on my CV and talk about in interviews. Now, I'm happily working Monday to Friday with a schedule that lets me balance work and life just right! - Laura

Overcoming the Challenge

In these scenarios, a common challenge arises: something needs to be traded off to make the change, or so you think!

You have one decision, to determine whether you stay in a stable yet unhappy situation that fulfills other aspects of your life, or you take a leap to see if you can have it all!

In my experience, individuals who collaborates with a coach to strategically navigate career changes not only succeed faster and more smoothly but also end up growing their compensation and/or career.

As a career transformation specialist coach, I can guide you through the steps of planning your transition, minimizing risks, and ensuring you make informed decisions tailored to your unique situation.

Ensure Your Success

Let's discuss the impact of your decisions and outline the next steps to transform your professional journey.

Ready to take control of your career change?

Change Your Career: Transform Your Professional Journey with my Expert Guidance

Change Your Career: Transform Your Professional Journey with Expert Guidance
Change Your Career: Transform Your Professional Journey with Expert Guidance

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